Get ready for $69 flights from the US to Europe

How many hours do you spend sitting at your desk or on your couch just wishing you could fly somewhere far, far away? Listen, we know adulting is hard and sometimes we need an escape — we get it! And after Norwegian Air’s latest announcement we think that get it, too. The airline announced on Friday that it would be offering flights from the U.S. to Europe for just $69, coming soon. Guys, this is not a drill! These cheap flights could be happening as early as 2017. Do you have your passport ready?

This has been a long time coming. While speaking to The New York Post last year, Anders Lindström, a Norwegian spokesman explained that the airline plans on using a new more fuel-efficient aircraft that will allow them to fly into smaller regional airports like Bradley International Airport in Connecticut and Westchester County Airport in New York rather than the more costly airports that serve the region. As for the countries in Europe, Norwegian has mentioned Edinburgh, Scotland and Bergen, Norway as potential destinations.

Lindström says by using lesser-known airports, they help keep down landing fees so they don’t have to pass on the cost to customers with pricey tickets. Again, not a drill. I mean, once you’re on the continent, all of Europe is a train ride away. Not that Scotland and Norway aren’t worth exploring on their own, but did someone say pizza in Naples?

Of course, there’s a catch. The airline plans on only taking you to Europe on one-way flights from the United States. But we’re certain there will be tons of good prices on return flights that will still make this an awesome deal. Because, really, have you seen how much it usually costs to fly to Europe?  It’s basically all of your money. As of right now, Norwegian is awaiting approval from the United States Department of Transportation, which they expect to have by the holidays. *fingers crossed*

Norwegian Air has really been trying to make intercontinental travel cheaper than some haircuts for a while. In 2014, they were already doing long-haul flights from London to the United States for just under 200, which is still a good deal — especially when you consider that an Amtrak train from Boston to New York City can be upwards of $300. If the airline can make one-way flights to anywhere happen for less than a ticket to a Beyoncé concert, it would be a jet-setter’s dream.

TBH, we’re a little less concerned about how it’s all happening and more focused on what to pack for our trips across the pond. After surviving 2016, we all deserve this.

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