How to get psyched for the day (if you’re not a morning person)

As it gets colder, it becomes increasingly harder to leave my nest of blankets, pillows and all things fuzzy and fleece. In fact, lately all I want to do is stay bundled up and take naps for about nine days straight, only waking up occasionally to drink hot chocolate. But apparently IRL you have to get up, get dressed and, you know, feed your dogs and pay the bills. Which is why on especially groggy mornings I really need to give myself a pep talk to get the day rolling.

If leaving a toasty bed and being an adult feels gross and terrible and like the worst thing ever, try one or all of these things to get pumped up before you even leave your bed!

This song exists, and if it isn’t already on your iTunes, it should be. Before you even get out of bed stretch out and rub your eyes as you’re serenaded with the sweet sounds of Oliver. Have a great day, star shine!

Remember: Getting dressed is kind of the best. It’s winter, so naturally, every single outfit is infinitely cuter than any other time of year. Tights! Scarves! Polka dots! Plaid! Boots! Sometimes choosing your outfit is the most exciting part of your day!

Start with some positive affirmations (in bed). What type of day do you want to have? Relaxing? Productive? Peaceful? All of the above? Science says you should think of the positive outcomes you’d like from your day and say them out loud before you’re even out of bed. Mind power is everything, and you deserve everything! If you’re really having a rough morning, try these affirmations.

Just take a sec to be grateful. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by life that sometimes we forget about all of the beautiful things we have. Friendships, puppies, snuggies, a warm apartment, and the list goes on and on. Take an extra moment to feel gratitude for the things in your life that help you grow and make you who you are. And don’t forget, the closer you are to getting out of bed, the closer you are to coming home to all that good stuff.

Watch this little girl talk. Seriously. Jessica saves the day, again! This little girl really embodies the spirit of being “pumped up” and her wild and vibrant expressions of optimism are contagious. I seriously watch this video, like, four times a week, you guys. Just watch on your toughest mornings. It helps, promise.

Be the boss that you are. You have goals. Dreams! Staying in bed for eternity won’t get you closer to your dreams (unless your dream is to test mattresses and review them, in which case you have your priorities straight.) Seriously though, when you first wake up think of all of your passions and how bright and alive you feel when you’re pursuing what you love. If going to your job isn’t exactly your one great passion, try, mentally, to set aside a time later in the day where you’ll do one wonderful, inspiring, creative thing you really want to do. That’s your reward for getting out of bed.

Now go have the best day ever and be the boss lady magic sorcerer that you are! XoxAmelia