“Get Out” didn’t win anything at the Golden Globes, and Twitter is NOT happy

The 75th Golden Globe Awards took place tonight and, of course, things were slightly unpredictable. There were lots of exciting big winners (Sterling K. Brown made history!), and lots of empowering speeches (Oprah!). But the box office record-breaking sociopolitical thriller that had us all talking for months  — Get Out — didn’t actually win anything at the Golden Globes. Daniel Kaluuya, who portrayed the film’s protagonist, received a Best Actor nomination, and the film was nominated for Best Picture, Musical or Comedy. However, Get Out’s mastermind — writer, director, and producer Jordan Peele — was snubbed.

At the ceremony, Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird beat Get Out in the Best Picture category, and James Franco won for his maybe best film ever The Disaster Artist. However, when Franco won, it means that Kaluuya lost Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, which was very upsetting to a lot of people.

The losses really do feel unfair: Get Out is one of the most innovative, creative, and thought-provoking films to hit theaters in…maybe ever? Peele made film history and waves with a story that told the harsh realities of being a Black man in America — especially a Black man who is dating a white woman, something that is not always (or ever) easy in this country.

All that being said, it’s no wonder why people are unhappy that the movie got completely snubbed at the awards.

Here are just some of the reactions on Twitter.


What happened to Get Out feels wrong for many reasons, but one of the main arguments is that it definitely should have been classified as a drama.

There isn’t a whole lot to laugh about when you break down the themes and concept of the entire film.


But there’s still hope for the Oscars, and lots of people are holding their breath for those nominations in a couple of weeks.


Alright, Academy! Let’s right these wrongs.

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