If you hate the new Snapchat update, don’t worry — here’s how to get the old one back

There are a lot of things to be upset about in these trying political and economic times. Luckily, people have proved they can be mad about more than one thing. This week, the internet is up in arms over the new Snapchat update. And it seems like everyone — Kylie Jenner included — wants the old Snapchat back.

ICYMI, the new Snapchat update more clearly separates your friend content from celebrity and media brand content. Meanwhile, it moves stories to the interface that holds your most-snapped friends. This could potentially be a good thing, except for the fact that people hate change. And this is one of the biggest changes to the app since it added media content in the first place. But never fear! Even if your Snapchat auto-updated, there’s a way to fix it. Yes, it’s possible to get rid of the new Snapchat and revert back to the old Snapchat.

Here’s how to get the old Snapchat back: First, you have to delete the app. Just make sure to back up your memories first! Then, change your settings to turn off automatic updates, and re-download the app. When you type in your email, click “Forgot Password.” Reset your password “Via Your Phone.” Then log back in, and voilà, you’re back to the old Snapchat. Phew.

Sure, it’s a little irritating to have to do go through those steps. But if you want the old Snapchat you know and love back, and you want it now, that’s what you’ve gotta do.

Some helpful Twitter users are spreading the word.

Snapchat itself has also weighed in on the hack.

But with this much public outcry, it’s hard to imagine there won’t be a more permanent fix for the old Snapchat sometime soon. If the app hopes to survive in this social media climate (with Instagram quickly encroaching on its territory), it’s got to pay more attention to its users.

In fact, change could already be on the horizon.

One Twitter user reached out to Snapchat directly and got this reply back: false

Guess we’ll have to wait and see how long the teens’ outrage will last — and if it’ll be long enough to make Snapchat change its mind.

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