If you get headaches during sex, you’re not alone!

Ever been in bed with a lover and everything’s going great until BAM, you’re hit by a massive headache? If so, you’re not alone! According to Self, one in one hundred people actually experience sex headaches.

So, what is this phenomenon? Apparently, sex headaches, or coital cephalalgia, affect a person before or after orgasming. In other words, it’s a major bummer.


Some people have them quite often and others only experience it once in a lifetime. It is said to have a greater chance of affecting men over women. There are some ways to prevent these painful annoyances; since headaches are often linked to a deficiency in magnesium, it might help to eat foods like almonds, cashews, leafy greens, and avocados.


While the majority of sex headaches are totally benign (though certainly inconvenient) anyone who has a sex headache should visit a doctor. Not only may a physician be able to prescribe medicine that can help with benign headaches, they can also make sure that the achy head isn’t a symptom of something more serious. In very rare cases, the pain can signal an underlying problem like an aneurysm (but again, very rare, don’t panic until the doc says so!) In other words, better to be safe than sorry!

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