Get your ethereal glam on with this DIY, light-up galaxy dress

Calling all space goddesses, the mother ship of glam has arrived!

Check out this DIY Light-Up Galaxy Goddess Dress. You can make it yourself at home and literally live out your glittering cosmic dreams. Customize it to fit your style with different colors, stars, and color lights — whatever you want. You rule your own universe in this gown.

Watch the video below to see how out of this world it is!

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Light-up Galaxy Goddess Dress


Black dress
Tulle rolls (3-4 colors)
LED lights on a string
1/2 yd. – 1 yd. Black organza fabric (depending on dress length)
Fabric adhesive of your choice (removable or permanent)
Star garland or string
Silver glitter craft foam and/or sequin stars
Black ribbon for belt
Small safety pins


1. Attach LED lights to dress with safety pins.
2. Cut out a rectangle of the organza fabric. Measure the length by starting at the hips and extending to the dress length. Measure the width by the circumference of the hips.
3. Tape or glue the organza fabric to the dress covering the LED lights.
4. Drape strips of the tulle rolls over the shoulders until desired fullness is achieved.
5. Wrap a small piece of star garland around the tulle at the shoulders and secure it to the dress with a safety pin.
6. Tie the black ribbon around the waist.
7. Stick stars to the tulle with fabric glue or other permanent adhesive.

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