How to get emotionally prepared for winter

For half of us on this giant Earth, leaves are piling up on the ground, leaving trees bare, skies grey, and hearts cold. This can mean only one thing: winter is coming. Those on the other side of the globe welcoming the first wisps of summer air are proof that we can make it through these blustery months, no matter how afraid we might be. I’ve lived through a few winters in my life, and while the first bite of cold on your nose can be disheartening, there are a few things that come with this season that make winter really great. Whenever you’re starting to feel those winter blues creeping up, remember these wonderful things about the colder months.

You can get festive

This is probably the most obvious one. With winter comes a slew of holidays. It’s like everywhere you look it’s Thanksgiving, no, it’s Hanukkah, no it’s Christmas. New Years. Valentines Day. There is music and decorations and good cheer. By the time one holiday ends, it’s time to prepare for the next one. Which is great, because it’s really this holiday train that drives us through the winter cold. Not to mention, these holidays are largely a time for a celebration of love, family, and friendship. Who doesn’t want a whole season of that?

You’re allowed to pamper yourself

Winter is hard not just mentally, but physically. The air is cold and the weather is harsh, and this takes a toll on your body. Anticipate these changes and take care of yourself. Does your skin get dry in the winter? Start making time to super moisturize your body, face, and hair — yes, hair. Here are some of my winter favorites.

Lubriderm. Simple, effective, and comes in a variety of formulas to suit your skin needs.

LUSH Dream Cream. More of a splurge, but I love to use this on my legs. If you shave your legs you likely get dry skin. I like to follow up a shave by slathering on some of this guy.

LUSH R&B. Moisturizer for your hair may sound odd, but it’s so important in the winter, especially if your hair gets knotty and staticky like mine. Dry hair means that once I get home and take off my hat and scarf, somehow a mouse nest has formed in a giant clump in the back. You can stave off these tangles by applying a little dab of this every morning.

Burt’s Bees Chapstick. To each their own with lip balm, but this is my product of choice. I love the basic balm because you can feel it tingling on your lips as it fends off the harsh air.

You don’t have to leave the house

It’s too cold! Put on those fuzzy socks! Stay in your pajamas! Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and watch TV — winter is a great time for shows. Girls comes back January 11, Broad City on the 14. Shows like Parks and Recreation are also slated for early 2015 premieres. No need to brave the elements if you don’t want to, cold weather means you have every excuse to stay inside and be as cozy as you want.

For every gust of wind that chills your bones, appreciate the warmth of the fire that follows. There’s a charm that comes with every winter, a sense of hibernation in preparation for the rebirth of spring. Embrace these changes and make the best of them — and save some holiday cookies for me.

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