Get some art for your walls that’s all about girls, girls, girls!

Are you in the mood for some light interior decorating? Perhaps the wall in your bedroom or office is yearning for some fresh decor. Nothing too crazy, maybe even a simple print, yet something special. Something that just screams, “girl power!” This darling, ladies-themed print by Tuesday Bassen might be just what you and your walls are looking for.

The illustration, which is printed on baby pink paper, depicts twelve cartoon girl faces in various states of temperament. There’s blondes, brunettes and even cuties with pink hair and glasses. Perfection.

There’s even a matching button set if you can’t get enough of these girls—many of which are based on people the artist knows and loves—which makes it all the more lovely. Grab one for you and your BFF as a sweet surprise.
Girls Riso Print by Tuesday Bassen, $10