Get acquainted with Christine and the Queens and her brilliant new video

If there’s one thing we love it’s women in music expressing themselves to the fullest. Enter, then, Christine and the Queens and her brilliant new video for “Saint Claude”

Christine and the Queens is the moniker for Héloïse Letissier, a 28-year-old singer, songwriter, and brilliant dancer from France who is currently setting the music world alight.

Her self-titled debut album (called Chaleur Humaine in her native France) has been a huge hit across Europe, and even landed in the top 5 in the UK.


For those that might not know, Christine is the invention of Letissier that enabled her to perform on stage. Her music deals with issues of sexuality, gender, and feminism, and it’s super, duper catchy. Similarly, her now signature suits are part of a wider conversation about objectification and a deflection of the male gaze.

Now the French singer has released the video for the English version of her song “Saint Claude” and it’s STUNNING.

During her performance at the UK’s iconic Glastonbury Festival, Letissier spoke about her inspiration for the song and it’s really sweet..

“This one is for a fabulous young boy who was too different to be accepted. I saw him in the streets of Paris, he was mocked upon, because he looked really different,” she said to the crowd at the festival. “I did nothing, I felt like a coward, and I decided to write him a love letter afterwards, because to me, that boy was really beautiful. I never knew his name – because I didn’t do anything – so I decided to give him one. I decided to call myself Christine whenever I’m on stage to feel a bit bolder, and I decided to call him ‘Saint Claude.’”

The accompanying video sees Letissier performing her now infamous dance moves, which are a mixture of ’80s hip hop moves, breakdancing, and experimental movements, and completes her ode to the misfits perfectly.

Late last year, we spoke to Christine and the Queens about gender and sexuality.

“The character Christine was born with the dancing. It was a huge part of her from the beginning, but Christine is about being more daring, more carefree,” she explained to us, speaking about how Christine was born and her famous dancing. “Christine right away had an attitude and dance moves, and the more I did that, the more I wanted to do that, the more I wanted to work on it.” 

Christine and the Queens’ self-titled album is out now (you should really, really, REALLY get a copy). Tour details and tickets can be found here.