Geri “Ginger” Horner says she’s “sorry” for leaving the Spice Girls, so now we can stop sobbing every time we hear “Goodbye”

More than two decades after announcing her decision to leave the Spice Girls—shaking Spice World and shattering the hearts of millions of fans worldwide—Geri Horner is “sorry.” During the final stop on the Spice Girls reunion tour at London’s Wembley Stadium, Ginger Spice addressed her 1998 departure from the group, apologizing for her decision to split from the band to pursue a solo career.

Horner took the mic to say something we really (really, really) wanted to hear. Addressing her fellow Spice Girls and the cheering audience, Horner revealed she was “being a brat” when she decided to leave the group 21 years ago.

"I need to say something I should have said a long time ago," Horner said, as she embraced her bandmates. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I left. I was just being a brat. It is so good to be back with the girls that I love."

Immediately after her apology, the Spice Girls launched into “Goodbye,” the first song they released after Horner left the group and what many consider an ode to Ginger. Luckily, fans were able to capture the sweet moment.

After Horner left the group in 1998, the remaining Spice Girls recorded one final album before going on hiatus in 2000. The group reunited for short stints in 2007 and 2012, at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, before reuniting (minus Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice) for their Spice World—2019 Tour.

There will be a full reunion soon. A new Spice Girls animated film is slated for a 2020 release…and all five Spice Girls have said they’ll be there.