A reminder that at least George W. Bush’s rain poncho made us quietly giggle at the inauguration

Honestly, the inauguration didn’t exactly have us feeling warm and fuzzy. This didn’t necessarily make it better, but watching George W. Bush battle his poncho and lose during the inauguration this weekend definitely made us smile. We get it — we also get desperate if we get stuck in the rain for a long period of time. We’re sure ol’ George put a lot of time and effort into his hair, and it’s the worst when Mother Nature doesn’t respect that.

But… let’s be real, most of us do a lot better when trying to guard against the rain than the former president. Homeboy STRUGGLED.


He managed to get it together somewhat for like a solid few minutes in which he looked as serious and attention-paying as possible, though. So props to him for that, at least.

The internet obviously had the best captions, like this one about the George W. Bush reaction cam. So on point.


We find it even funnier noting that GWB is sitting directly behind President Obama. Like, Obama is sitting there trying to be chill and respectful…

And there’s George W. Bush, behind him, wrestling with what’s  essentially a giant saran wrap. Hey, happens to the best of us, you know?

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