George Michael’s U.S. television debut in 1983 is incredible and such a necessary watch today

With the tragic and sudden passing of one of the world’s most iconic musical influences, George Michael’s U.S. television debut on American Bandstand in 1983 is such a necessary watch for today.

Founding member of best-selling English group, Wham! (along with Andrew Ridgeley), Michael leaves us with the everlasting gift of pop hits literally spanning decades. And you can see the duo’s American Bandstand performance of “Young Guns (Go for It)” from their debut album Fantastic in the below clip.

But viewers beware — it’ll probably make you want to jump up and dance while feeling the loss of Mr. Michael all the more. Michael and Rideley are so incredibly young and SO full of spirit during their performance (and check out their dance moves. Seriously so epic).

This is incredibly bittersweet to see, but we’re so glad we did. Not to mention, we’re loving the Dick Clark throwback (because how often do we get to see original performances from American Bandstand). After the stellar act, Michael, only 19 at the time, goes on to talk about the influence behind the music, saying:

“I listen to a lot of pop. American and English…Basically, just anything you can dance to.

And dance we have! At the age of just 53, it’s hard to imagine a time Michaels wasn’t filling the airwaves with his signature style and tremendously catchy lyrics.

George Michael, you will be (and already are) so incredibly missed.