Geode nails are a thing, and they’re exquisite

We’ve seen all kinds of dazzling nails in our time, but the new Geode-inspired nail trend totally rocks! As in, nail art that resembles intricate, gorgeous crystals. Because they’re SO detailed, it’s quite a tricky look to achieve…but totally worth visiting a professional if you’re looking for something incredibly pretty and unique. Especially if you like the idea of each nail containing subtle differences (you know, like actual geodes). Ready to see what we’re losing our minds over?

So are we.

The options are endless!

But they will all make heads turn. Here’s two that are particularly badass.

And we love these softer looks, too.

If you’re interested in giving this a go yourself, it can be achieved by layering a bunch of different polishes and then shaving it down, as this video from Insider Beauty briefly explains.

Yeah, that would just take a teensy bit of practice! At least the internet is full of inspo from people who gave it a go and documented their first attempts.

Gotta start somewhere.

We can’t wait to debut some fancy Geode nails at our next social event! Because let’s face it, as much as we love a natural nail, sometimes we want to glam it up to the max. And what better way to do so than channeling the beauty of the earth?

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