These geode cakes are almost too beautiful to eat — even on your wedding day

We’re obsessed with food trends here. Galaxy donuts! Birthday croissants! Gelato flowers! Oh my! But to be honest, cake really, well… takes the cake. And now, there’s a whole new way to eat it, thanks to these absolutely GORGEOUS geode cakes. Behold, the geode cake in all its glory:

Are you kidding me? These have to be the most beautiful cakes in existence. While that one is smaller and a little more ~casual~ than most, many of the varieties we’ve seen are fit for weddings, even though they’re honestly almost too beautiful to eat.

This one even has a crystal topper, and we LOVE the colors.

They can be combined with traditional wedding cake decorations, like flowers, to create the cake of your dreams.

The cakes are made with rock candy, and the geode part is totally edible — kids and adults alike will love them, and the inside layers of the cake are totally customizable, as is the frosting. Many of them also have gold flakes to amp up the glitz and glamour, and they’re the most stunning treats out there right now.

Even if you’re not getting married, you can celebrate someone special in your life with a geode caked — like your mom (or your mum!).

We absolutely love this new trend, and we hope that some of the weddings we go to this wedding season have caught on.

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