This genius studio deliciously recreated the “Stranger Things” intro using Eggo waffles

It’s no secret that the world is obsessed with Stranger Things. The Netflix surprise hit quickly became one of the best shows of 2016 and the amazing group of kids at the center of the series proved that tweens are cooler than we all are.

Stranger Things was full of childhood references and 80s nostalgia, so it makes sense that the Eggo Waffles, every kid’s favorite breakfast, became a sensation all over again. Eleven’s love of Eggo Waffles inspired countless memes and now the Stranger Things opening titles are getting the Eggo treatment.

Check out the hilarious video below:

Everybody who’s seen the show knows that while hiding Eleven in his house, 12-year-old Mike feeds his new friend the only food he knows how to make: Eggo waffles. They quickly become her go-to food and essentially become their own character. It turns out that while Eleven couldn’t get enough Eggos, Millie Bobby Brown (who played her) ate more than she could handle on set.

At New York Comic Con, Brown revealed that while she likes waffles, she was not a fan of the quantity of waffles she had to eat on set.

"I like them, I do. But I do not like how many I eat. You see — the amount I eat is actually really hard to digest," Brown explained, saying that her waffle spit bucket didn’t really help. "You still have to put it in your mouth. It does taste really nice but not like 15 times in a row. I do like the blueberry flavor."

As we saw with the Super Bowl spot, there will be plenty more Eggos featured in the new season of Stranger Things, which airs on Halloween. We can’t wait for the return of Eleven and her Eggos!