This genius necklace will make it so that it’s always wine o’clock

We sometimes wish we had a third hand that could be designated as our wine hand. Our hands are often preoccupied with pizza, television remotes, phones, and more pizza, to the point where our wine glasses are left on the coffee table for longer than necessary. Thankfully, there’s a wine necklace that helps optimize our unwinding time.

Meet your new best friend, the Neoprene Stemstrap Wine Glass Holder. It’s an invention so genius that Edison, Tesla, and Ford wished they thought of it first. It’s a hands-free wine-carrying contraption that lets you bring your beverage of choice with you wherever you go.

Wield your bottle openers, ladies and gents. It’s wine o’clock somewhere!


Retailing on Amazon for just under $9, the necklace busted into the wine culture scene, kicked ass, and took names. Amazon writes that the adjustable neoprene sling is rubberized to prevent any slipping and spilling of our precious nectar.


This beauty was originally crafted by WineYoke to enhance the wine tasting event experience. The original WineYoke necklace is now available in pink alongside the standard black model.

You can buy the OG wine sling via many online retailers like Bar Parts, Beverages & More, and, a site dedicated to different models and types of wine glass necklaces (aka our favorite website).

Get a wine glass necklace for your mom, your dad, yourself, and all your friends. This is a trend you’ll want to hop on — and fast. There are only 11 wine glass holders left on Amazon, so buy now before you have a couple of glasses and forget.

We’re witnessing a revolution here, people. Let’s be a part of something great.

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