13 life-saving beauty hacks to use at the gym


1. If you don’t want to wash your hair, but you’re still a bit sweaty, try this dry shampoo trick: Spray your hair with dry shampoo while it’s still in a ponytail or bun. That way, you’re targeting all your sweatiest areas.


2. To completely revive your hair without washing, quickly blow dry your roots on a cool setting.


3. Use a magazine or opened perfume sample to keep your gym bag fresh.


4. Forgot your deodorant? Makeup wipes are the next best thing for keeping your pits fresh.


5. Another handy use for makeup wipes: If you tend to get really, really red and flushed when you work out, cool down with a cucumber makeup wipe for a minute before hitting the shower.


6. If you work out in the morning, and you take medication(s), always stash some extra pills in your gym bag. It’s all too easy to forget to take your meds when you’re rushing out the door in the morning!


7. If you use a curling/flat iron and it’s still hot to the touch, wrap it up in your workout shirt before stashing in your bag.


8. Fix clothing wrinkles quickly and get collars looking sharp by using your hair straightener as a mini-iron. (Just make sure there’s no product residue on the plates.)


9. When you’re in a hurry to get hair dry or if there’s always a wait for blow dryers at your gym, cut down on time by absorbing tons more moisture with a microfiber towel. ($12.95 on Amazon.)


10. Another way to cut down on blow dryer time: Try the Pony Dry, a genius product that allows you to wash your roots while keeping the rest of your mane dry. Meaning you only need to dry about 1/3 of your hair. (It’s $19.99 and you can get one here.)

11. If you’ve run out of shaving cream, conditioner works just as well.


12. Hair being a little frizzy but you don’t have any serum, pomade, spray, or anything? Rub a bit of lotion between your palms and gently rub over your mane and ends to add shine and tame strays.


13. To cut down on plastic bag waste, use a duster bag to store your shoes, then also stuff it with your dirty clothes.


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