This genius beauty hack will make it so your products last forever

That squirt sound that comes out when you’ve reached the end of your moisturizer tube is a sad thing to behold. But before you convince yourself it’s used it all up, there’s a genius beauty hack to make your makeup last longer  — and you might be surprised to find out that there’s a lot of goodness left in there that you weren’t able to see before.

This particularly awesome beauty hack comes from Reddit (where else, though?), more specifically from the MakeupAddicts subreddit. A user Callievee got to the end of her eye creme tube, but instead of accepting defeat and tossing it in the bin, like so many of us do, she did something brilliant. She cut open the tube and revealed that there was plenty of beauty for her to still use.

“And this, ladies, is why you cut open your makeup/skin care when it’s not letting you squeeze any more out. Look at how much of my okay eye cream is left!!” Callievee wrote.

She shared the picture on MakeupAddicts and it’s clear to see that there is ~so~ much eye creme left that it would have been a tragedy to waste it. A lot of other Reddit users chimed in and confirmed that this is a genius beauty hack.

One user even suggested you “roll over the tube with something heavy to squash as much as you can down.” Jaccynicholette proclaimed, “I do this every single time!!! There is $10 worth of makeup in there!”

Okay, we do not want to miss out on $10 worth of makeup. Excuse us while we hunt down some scissors.

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