For every “Game of Thrones” fan that misses Gendry, just know that he’s even hotter now

GENDRY! Our long lost (but not forgotten) BFF of Arya, where have you been? The last time we saw our favorite King Robert Baratheon bastard, he was being rescued (aka shipped off to sea) by our love, Ser Davos, during the Season 3 finale, “Mhysa” on Game of Thrones.


For the last few years, MANY fans have quietly prayed for his return.


Ser Davos had told Gendry to head for King’s Landing, safely away from Melisandre’s reach (if you recall she used his blood to do some wacky Lord of Light magic shit to try and make Stannis Baratheon King).

Anyhoooo, while we’re HOPING Gendry did in fact safely make it back home to Flea Bottom, we still have no proof he made it.

I mean, Davos did ask him some very important questions…



But while we wonder (and seriously worry) about Gendry, we can at least enjoy his IRL counterpart, Joe Dempsie. Because he is looking PRETTY OKAY these days.


What’s up?




Just hangin’, all’s good here.


Sigh. Let’s just take a moment to watch this beautiful transformation, shall we?


Now if we could just see him return to Game of Thrones, ready to embrace Arya after she crosses the Narrow Sea to return HOME (in his arms, where she belongs).

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