Gendry’s “fake name” might hint at his greater role in “Game of Thrones”

It’s time for another Game of Thrones fan theory and this one involves our very favorite rowing blacksmith, who finally reappeared in the most recent episode, “Eastwatch.” Some fans think Gendry’s “fake name” might be a clue to his larger role in Game of Thrones and it sounds totally believable.

Right, Gendry?

This season of Game of Thrones has been all about the reunions, like Sansa and Arya and Drogon and destruction. And this week, there was another special reunion between Gendry (played by Joe Dempsie) and ALL OF HIS FANS! Oh, and Ser Davos.


A few Game of Thrones fans on Reddit picked up on a moment in the episode that you may have missed while staring into Gendry’s beautiful eyes. Ser Davos suggests that Gendry play it cool and hide his identity upon meeting Jon, even suggesting he go by another name: Clovis.

And Reddit user fifthpilgrim thinks there’s a totally logical explanation for that particular suggestion.

"In the real world, there is a stone tool technology (see: spear/arrow heads and other stone tools) called Clovis. The significance of dragon glass (obsidian) this season, along with Gendry's skill as a smith highlights the importance of Davos' fake name for him. This appears to be a clever connection put in by the writers to suggest that Gendry will survive beyond the wall and will become the person to make the weapons out of the dragonglass for the war against the dead."

Fifthpilgrim later added that other users pointed out that “Clovis is the name of a Frankish king,” so perhaps that plays a role, too — but we’re especially interested in this weapons theory.

It makes total sense: He can make weapons, which are sorely needed to defeat the White Walkers. So it’s a logical assumption that he would be the one to do it. Especially since this means Gendry would stay alive long enough to *hopefully* reunite with Arya in Winterfell. Now that’s one reunion we’re dying to see.

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