This denim line is all about gender-neutrality and we couldn’t be more obsessed

In case you haven’t noticed, gender fluidity is having A Moment, and the demand for genderless fashion is larger than ever before.

However, clothes designed by big-name brands are typically aimed at male or female individuals, and rarely work for both. And if you’re trying to find jeans? Rarely do “boyfriend cuts” fit the way jeans fit on your actual boyfriend.

That’s where iO Tillett Wright, a photographer, artist, and member of the transgendered community, comes in. Tillett Wright is designing gender-neutral denim in a collaboration with Los Angeles-based brand Motheras a means of breaking down barriers of gendered fashion.

Tillett Wright lived as a boy during childhood, and later found some footing on the transgender spectrum. Although having studied gender and identity for many years, Tillett Wright doesn’t feel the need to strictly define it on personal terms, though some friends do employ a male pronoun.

Speaking about identity and clothes in particular, Tillett Wright told Elle that “[ones closet is] a little wooden cabinet of costumes that we pull out every day and say, ‘This is how I’m going to project who I am to the world.’”

The gender-neutral denim collaboration is called Love Your Other, and according to Tillett Wright and Mother co-founders Lela Becker and Tim Kaeding, it “aims to take the question of ‘man’ or ‘woman’ out of getting dressed.”

Tillett Wright rejects the idea of a ‘men’s’ and ‘women’s’ section in department stores, and instead declares,  “Let’s make the human section!”

And because Tillett Wright is also an activist, a percentage of Love Your Mother‘s proceeds will benefit Tillett Wright’s portrait series of 10,000 LGBTQ+ people, titled Self Evident Truths. Tillett Wright aims to stage this series publicly on July 2, 2018, as a tribute to Sylvia Rivera, a prominent activist at the Stonewall riot in 1969.

It’s fantastic to see such a strong role model as iO Tillett Wright leading the charge for gender-neutrality. Positive change is possible, and it’s happening!

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