Eliminating the gender wage gap would make the world $28 trillion richer

A new study just proved something we all know: Women should be paid as much as men. But this time, it’s not just about equality (which is the most important reason), it’s also about the world. The study reveals that, if the gender wage gap didn’t exist, the world would be $28 trillion richer.

That’s a large number, because there are a lot of women not being fairly compensated for the work they’re doing. The study mapped fifteen indicators of gender inequality, and found high or extremely high levels of it in forty countries. Here’s what they say about money:

What’s important to note in this study is that it’s not just Western countries who would benefit from this raise. Both developing and advanced countries could increase their GDP by ten percent.

If there’s one thing this study makes clear, it’s that we’re not sure what we’re waiting for. Only good things can come from equality, and equal compensation ends up benefitting everyone. Help women, help the world.

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