This actual couple was an awesome gender-swapped version of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen for Halloween

Real-life couple Talia and Gage might have beaten John Legend and Chrissy Teigen for best couple costume this Halloween.

The two were inspired by a photo of John and Chrissy, their favorite celebrity couple, where John is sitting in an armchair while his wife is sitting behind him, naked and covering herself with her arms.

Talia and Gage took the picture to new and hilarious levels by deciding to gender-swap it. Talia is sitting in the armchair, her husband posing like Chrissy behind her.

If Ariana Grande and Mac Miller’s Halloween costumes were couple goals, Talia and Gage are definitely right up there with them. Pure genius.

“Ya’ll thought we were really just a bunch of flamingos for Halloween? Jokes on you. We had to dress up as our fave celebrity couple. I may be biased, but I think Gage makes a pretty stunning @chrissyteigen ?#halloween2016 #johnlegend #chrissyteigan,” Talia captioned the post, referring to an earlier photo where they’re dressed as a flock of flamingos with their daughter.

The gender-swapped photo has 169,000 likes as of today.

“You guys are so funny! I really hope @chrissyteigen sees this! ?????” one person wrote in the comments.

Knowing Chrissy, she would get a kick out of this (she is the one who posted the original picture, after all), and we’re hoping she sees Talia and Gage’s pic too!

It’s settled! The award for favorite celebrity couple Halloween impersonators goes to Talia and Gage.

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