This gender fluid actor could potentially be nominated for a best male & female Oscar and this is groundbreaking

Kelly Mantle is the first actor who may be considered for an Oscar for both best supporting actor and actress for their role in the indie film Confessions of a Womanizer. Mantle is a former RuPaul’s Drag Race competitor who identifies as gender fluid.

This is the first decision of its kind in Oscar history, and though we applaud the Academy for being open to the idea, we hope this gets us closer to the following truth:

There is NO DIFFERENCE between male acting and female acting, and gender segregation needs to be removed in all acting awards considerations.

Segregation of the sexes only makes sense when the job, action, or activity at hand differs significantly with the biological differences of the sexes.

Genetic and hormonal factors between men and women affect height, weight, body fat, muscle mass and aerobic capacity differently – not worse or better, but differently. Therefore, gender segregation in football, competitive running, and swimming, for example, makes some sense.

But in acting?! A female’s ability to act a dramatic scene or comedic scene is in no way different than a man’s. There ought only be ONE category for each billed acting role, ie, Best Actor, male or female; Best Supporting Actor, male or female.

Okay, #rantover. Sort of.

Confessions of a Womanizer director and writer Miguel Ali, who pushed for Mantle to be considered for both categories, thinks this is a huge breakthrough. We agree, but hope it leads to this other, more TOTALLY OBVIOUS breakthrough that should have happened long ago.

But, let us not forget, a major congratulations is in order for Kelly Mantle.


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