Everything you need to know if you’re a Gemini, according to an astrologer

If you maxed out your credit card this Taurus season, fear not—we’re officially rolling into Gemini season and priorities are about to shift. While the period from late April to now felt like a time to slow down, chill out, and buy all the luxurious things your heart desired, late May offers a transition into a more lively and sociable time. Similarly, if Taurus season had you in your feels, moving into the time of the twins might feel more intellectually stimulating. There’s truly no time like the present to sign up for Duolingo to learn another language or take that free online class you’ve been eyeing.

Even if your zodiac sign is not Gemini, you can still be impacted by the Mercurial vibes of the season. If you find yourself bursting at the seams to share every detail about your day, video chat with a friend and gab away to truly embrace the Gemini spirit. You might also be feeling extra witty these days, so tweeting puns with reckless abandon is also highly encouraged.

And if you are a Gemini, chances are you’ve already proclaimed from the rooftops that it’s your birthday season. So let that vivacious charm of yours shine and don’t be afraid to start a good-natured debate in the group chat; all of it is so very you. 

We spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust—a Gemini herself—on what it means to be the sign of the twins.

Birth dates: May 21st–June 21st

Symbol: The twins

Ruling planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Quality: Mutable

Season: Spring

Your defining traits: As a Gemini, you are likely smart, quick-witted, curious, and talkative. “The twins are the communicators of the zodiac,” Stardust tells HelloGiggles. “You are a known writer and smooth talker who is responsible for the transfer and understanding of all news, gossip, and information.” She also notes that you’re probably an incredibly loyal friend, being one of the few air signs that are truly ride or die. Still, you do have a dual nature, and “on a bad day, you can be extra mischievous, so people never know which twin they’ll see,” says Stardust. More often than not, though, your double personality doesn’t make you deceitful or duplicitous, just someone who finds it easy to adapt to new situations.

Who you’re compatible with: Since you’re basically a social chameleon, there are very few zodiac signs that you’re not compatible with. “Scorpios find your tales humorous and Capricorns appreciate your work ethic,” Stardust says. “Virgos find value in your intellect and you can daydream with Pisces.” While you might not always be down for commitment, valuing intellectual pursuits over emotional ones, you typically gravitate toward the passion and exuberance of fire signs Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. You also get along well with fellow air signs, especially Aquarius, who is also the type to enjoy thought-provoking conversations.

Your ideal career path: You tend to go after jobs with social components that let you chat to your heart’s content. “Geminis are great salespeople, as your quicksilver wit can sell anything to anyone,” Stardust says. “You would also make an amazing public speaker or news broadcaster. You are drawn to careers that allow you to use their wit and intellect, as well as your knowledge and thirst for the truth.”

Your ultimate purpose in life: You’re always looking to put your gift of the gab toward a higher purpose, smoothing over social situations and allowing those around you to go beyond superficial relationships. “Geminis (like Virgos) are the reason we can all come together,” Stardust says. “So, your purpose in life is to connect everyone in the world on a deeper level.”

Sure, you might be many different people all wrapped up into one package, but you know how to make people laugh and think, and for that we celebrate you, Gemini!

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