Gemini season starts today, and we’re getting a big dose of wild energy—here’s how to handle it

Gemini season starts on May 21st, and it’s going to be quite a power-packed period. The season starts with a Sun–Mercury conjunction, which promises to serve as a double dose of Gemini. We’re communicative, restless, intellectually active, and engaged.

During this period, we’re going to feel much lighter and more concerned with being entertained and stimulated than we were during Taurus season, a time of grounding, focus on ourselves, our bodies, our values, relationships, and possessions.

Gemini is all about curiosity and flexibility, so you can expect more get-togethers (yas, spring!), more communication, and more cultural activities. Gemini energy is all about intellectual stimulation and acquiring new experience and information, so the next month is very much about bringing variety into our lives.

This season is also going to bring a whole lot of personal growth for every zodiac sign. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all retrograde, which means we are being called to reflect on a lot of personal things: our fears, our commitments, our shadow, our beliefs, and our growth. Gemini season is bringing a wind of intellectual energy—we’re all a bit more nerdy, more prone to think things through, more capable of having serious breakthroughs, and more capable of self-reflection and self-actualization. Clarity—here it comes.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is offering growth, for sure, but also an energy that can be indulgent and excessive—which brings us back to Gemini season: This month could be very fun, playful, and teachable, but also prone to excesses—shortcuts, excessive indulging, and self-care that can turn into self-sabotage. Be careful not to waste too much of your time and energy during this Gemini season.

This season will also be very good for traveling, learning, studying, and practicing; it’s a good time for spiritual activities. We’re all feeling called to experience more, try new things, and expand our horizons, our circle, and our interests. Taurus season was about focusing on ourselves so that we could find our values, and Gemini season is about expanding after this focused work.

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