Gelato Doughnuts are a thing, and we want them all

Today is Friday, so we owe it to ourselves and to everyone to lust over a brand new dessert that we would definitely be eating all weekend if they weren’t available only in Australia. The super creative folks who make award-winning gelato at Gelatissimo have created a new type of ice cream sandwich that puts the old ice cream sandwich to shame — the gelato doughnut! It’s exactly what is sounds like it would be — gelato inside of a warm doughnut sandwich. We still love regular ice cream sandwiches too though, just to be clear.

The gelato doughnut sandwiches go for $5 and are somehow only around 210 calories each (we’re not complaining, just pleasantly surprised). They are currently only available in Brisbane, but on September 9 they’ll be available throughout Australia.

Gelatissimo’s Kristine Tan told Daily Mail Australia the gelato doughnut was the store’s first doughnut pastry creation. “With the recent trend towards pastries and doughnuts, we thought why not serve them with gelato?” she said. We think that was an excellent decision, and really hope the trend catches on in the United States!  

If you live in Brisbane, please go to there immediately and then tell us everything so we can live vicariously through you and your taste buds!

(Images via Twitter, Instagram)