We are GEEKING OUT for these Nintendo Vans

The only thing possibly more fun than actually playing classic Nintendo games would wearing classic Nintendo characters on your shoes all day long. Because nothing says “I’m going speed past you but will be super charming about it” better than some adorable Yoshis on your feet.

Luckily for all of us, this is now a (very comfortably and stylish) possibility.


Thanks to a recently announced partnership between Nintendo and Vans, you can now rock some of your favorite digital nostalgia on your feet. And there are so many possibilities, you can get a few and change them up depending on your mood. Of course there’s classic Mario Brothers (including a shoe dedicated to our favorite original Princess, Princess Peach).

But they don’t just have Mario-oriented options. If you’re feeling a little aggressive and like you may want to throw a bunch of barrels around town one day, throw on the Donkey Kong options. If you want to go on an epic magical quest, get yourself a pair of The Legend of Zelda shoes. Or you could admit (show off?) how you spent hours of your childhood shooting at digital ducks and sport some sweet Duck Hunter style on your feet.


And if you can’t choose (because let’s be honest, who could?), you can just opt to wear the classic controllers. Or, of course, you could buy all of them and switch them up every few hours because that’s the only way you can truly show just how enthusiastic you really are about these awesome shoes. If you were a Sega kid, I guess you’re unfortunately out of luck.

They’re available now on Zappos. Be sure and take advantage of the opportunity before you’re out of lives and it’s…


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