Geek-Girl Fashion: Comic-Con Edition

You! Over there in the Trekkie tee shirt and the black-rimmed specs. You obviously have a lot of flair and a knack for style. Someone should put you in Vogue and photograph you for the cover of Vanity Fair, because you are a knockout. In fact, over the next few minutes, I plan to explain to you exactly why you are something to behold.

Being a nerd, a geek or a Lord of the Rings fanatic isn’t anything that’s foreign to the majority of people. Most of us have a not-so-secret past of collecting American Girl dolls, Manga, comic books or Darkwing Duck VHS tapes. We’ve leveled up in Donkey Kong, memorized the one-liners from Star Wars and pulled our hair out over the Times’ crossword puzzle.

We were the science geeks, the lonely kids in the lunchroom and the kids who hated gym class because of that one guy that would always aim the dodge-ball at our heads.

Not surprisingly, most of us have carried our innately nerdy traits over into adulthood. We still watch Doctor Who and are the first in line at the latest Star Trek installment to hit the big screen. We buy t-shirts based on the hilarity level of their designs and we wear our Converse proudly.

There are some (obviously foolish) people out there who will try to label you, try to put you in a box of things that are awkward or tacky or unstylish. Don’t let them.

Still not convinced that being a nerd means being fashionable in all the best ways? Allow me to introduce you to the fine ladies perusing the walkways of this year’s San Diego International Comic-Con and The Nerd Machine’s Nerd HQ 2013, all of them shining examples of just how badass the Geek-Girl community can be:

Being a Geek-Girl doesn’t necessarily mean fantastic cosplay all the time; sometimes a lady has to relax, ya know? Denim, boyfriend tees, flowy skirts, summery scarves and draped tanks were prominent this summer. These lovely  girls outside of the Convention Center know what’s up.

Sometimes, us nerds like to sprinkle a dash of everything that makes Geek Culture so awesome into our day-to-day wardrobe; you can have dozens of Firefly pins and Star Wars tees, but the especially creative Geek-Girl will go the extra mile and create her own piece of nerd fashion. (Lilliana Mougel and Christina Ives show off their personally coordinated masterpieces above.)

Melissa and Christine know that sometimes, a little bit goes a long way. Simple comic book patterns mix interestingly with black rimmed specs, and quirky heart-shaped sunglasses pair nicely with a superhero-esque mini-dress. Gladiator wedges and ankle boots ground the look. Don’t forget that “girly” can be nerdy too and rock your tutu skirts with pride, girls.

Cosplaying need not always be so stressful: Alissa Policartio and Kamia Matory are having a blast in their very own costume/everyday-wear renditions. Lavender locks, fantastic opaque tights, pigtail buns and an adorable satchel top off their looks. Maybe we ought to change that saying… what was it? Easy, breezy, beautiful… NerdyGirl?

When you’re spending all day walking the Convention floor and hiking the stairs at Petco Park, you don’t have time to deal with lost handbags and bottoms that drag on the floor with every step (or, as I deem them, “sad-pants”). Take it from Brittany McNamara and Jackie Miller who came to Nerd HQ gaming headquarters prepared with a fantastic, easy Batman dress and simple belted shorts with an airy tie-front blouse; cute topknot and cross-body accessories finish up their nerdtastic ensembles.

Every Geek-Girl needs an entourage, so why not make sure they’re appropriately dressed? Alicia Cordova, Amber Frakes and Danielle Blades show off their Steampunk/Breakfast At Tiffany’s/Amy Pond/Dean Winchester/Princess of the Ocean-inspired looks on the street during day one of the 2013 San Diego International Comic-Con. Flannel plaid, cat-eye shades and compact leather satchels will never not look killer paired with a Sonic Screwdriver. Really, they know how fabulous they look… but honestly, it’s NBD.

…And then, sometimes, a nerdy girl just has to go all out and say, “You know what? The world is my party and I’ll cosplay if I want to…. cosplay if I want to… cosplay if–“– okay, I’ll stop. Being a nerd means having the freedom to dress however you please, whenever you please… especially when said cosplay includes kick-ass leather boots, jacket and studded belt, complete with retro red hair and bright crimson lips. Besides, it’s not like she even had a choice to wear this, you know. The Devil made her do it. (Nat Vienup wholly rocks a completely accurate ‘Supernatural’/Abbadon costume outside the Convention Center during day three of Comic Con.)

You see? Being a stylish Geek-Girl isn’t so complicated. “Nerdy Fashion” just gives us the freedom to be the creative monster we all happen to be deep down. The always hilarious Simon Pegg (Star Trek, Run Fatboy Run, Shaun of the Dead) once gave his fellow nerds the following advice:

So wear that dino-tee with pride, sister, and ignore the naysayers: in this strict world of fashion “rules”, the Geek-Girl is and will forever be Queen…. And honey, you should see her in a crown.

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