Gay Couples Fight Westboro With Love At Supreme Court Protests

Don’t even get me started on Westboro Baptist Church. I can’t and I won’t because it’s about to be the weekend and Easter (and therefore, fried chicken) and I’ve got too many good vibes going right now to get heated at my desk, raging on about ignorance and hate. So instead of focusing on how the members of Westboro are all terribly misguided human beings, let’s celebrate the gay couples who socked it to them with LOVE.

On Wednesday, a whole mess of protesters exercised their right to wave around horrible signs in front of the Supreme Court as talks began about marriage equality and the federal Defense of Marriage Act. But instead of waving around their own carefully painted signs or kicking them in the shins (which is how I like to escalate conflict), several gay couples got their totally legal, totally equal, totally not-harmful-to-society PDA on. And it was beautiful! And, as this article points out, “there were no reports of fire and brimstone.”

So here’s to those couples who chose love over war!

Featured image courtesy of Huffington Post

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