This gay couple recreated the photo they took at a Pride march 24 years ago to prove that sexuality is not a “phase”

A couple posed for a photo at a Pride march in 1993. Then, 24 years later, the same couple recreated their Pride photo to show the world that love can be forever, and queer sexuality is not a “phase.” Pay attention, everybody, because this is proof that LOVE IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THIS WORLD.

Husbands Nick Cardello, 54, and Kurt English, 52, live in Tampa, Florida. They met and began dating in 1992.

The couple attended the March on Washington in 1993, during which they took a photo of Cardello kissing English on the cheek.

"[That photo] was kind of a second coming out for us," Cardello told BuzzFeed News about the photo, which has always been special to him.

Cardello says he and English, who have been together ever since, decided to recreate the photo at this year’s Pride march.


Cardello then posted the photos to Twitter, with the caption “it’s just a phase,” a proverbial middle finger to people who dismiss gay love as being less real than straight love.

The internet then proceeded to lose its collective mind. 

(full disclosure, that’s me ^)

Twitter users re-tweeted Cardello more than 150,000 times, with thousands commenting on the beauty of the couple’s love and their commitment to one another.

"We started reading the comments and were tuned into what it meant to people ... that was really touching," he said.

Cardellos says he hopes the photos will help the continued effort to normalize gay relationships so that gay youth feel more comfortable, accepted, and loved.

"Being more public, it becomes not such a big deal. My concern is with LGBTQ suicide rates. If they can't relate to people, they feel isolated. It's important for these images to be out there," he said.

Thank you for fighting the good fight as a couple — yes, the two of you really are #goals.