17 things more interesting than Gary Oldman’s Oscar acceptance speech

Gary Oldman took home the 2018 Oscar for his portrayal of Prime Minister Winston Churchill of Great Britain in Joe Wright’s Darkest Hour. Oldman was up against Phantom Thread‘s Daniel Day-Lewis, Call Me By Your Name‘s Timothée Chalamet, Get Out‘s Daniel Kaluuya, and Roman J. Israel, Esq.‘s Denzel Washington. To celebrate Oldman’s win, despite this being a man who stands accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife Donya Fiorentino, as well as anti-semitism, we’ve compiled a brief list of 17 things more interesting than Gary Oldman’s 2018 Oscars acceptance speech.

1. Waiting to be called at the DMV.

2. Armie Hammer’s tiny shorts in Call Me By Your Name.

3. Being put on hold while your least favorite song plays on the other line.

4. Michael B. Jordan’s bangs in Black Panther.

5. Small talk with your dentist while their fingers are in your mouth.

6. Choosing an avocado at the grocery store.

7. Lint rolling your coat with no satisfying result in sight.

8. Misspelling a word so severely that even Google can’t help you.

9. Any episode of Two and a Half Men.

10. The first sip of Alka-Seltzer to reduce really bad heartburn.

11. Watching paint dry.

12. Wiping eraser shavings to the floor.

13. Picking up rotisserie chicken at the grocery store.

14. Waiting in line at H&M to try on a pair of $18 distressed jeans.

15. Restarting your computer.

16. Nickelback’s “All the Right Reasons” album.

17. That scene from The Office where Erin boils Gatorade.

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