Gary Oldman is at the 2018 SAG Awards and no one is asking him about his abuse allegations

Despite the controversy surrounding Gary Oldman, the actor showed up on the red carpet at the 2018 Screen Actors Guild awards. On his way into the show, Oldman stopped to speak with reporters, and viewers noticed one big thing: No one was asking Oldman about the abuse allegations against him.

Oldman was at the SAG Awards because he was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor for his role in The Darkest Hour. Although the allegations against Oldman aren’t new, they’re still very serious, and many viewers feel that they’re worthy of a conversation. In 2001, Oldman’s now ex-wife, Donya Fiorentino, accused him of assaulting her in front of their children with a telephone. Oldman has denied these allegations multiple times.

And that’s not all: in an interview with Playboy in 2014, Oldman went on a rant where he defended some of the very controversial behavior of Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin. He also went on an extremely offensive rant about Jewish people. A lot of people have not forgotten these accusations and remarks.

Oldman’s behavior came up again recently after the 2018 Golden Globes, where he won Best Actor in a Drama Motion Picture for his role as William Churchill in The Darkest Hour. Oldman accepted the award while wearing a Time’s Up pin, and many were not happy to notice that his past offensive behavior seemed to be forgotten by Hollywood, especially during an awards show that brought so much attention to the #MeToo movement. In fact, many viewers were outspoken about the fact that they didn’t think Oldman should even show up at the SAG Awards. false false


If Oldman wins the award at the SAG Awards, there’s a good chance he’ll be on track to win one at the Academy Awards. We’ll wait to see if the previous allegations against him get brought up then.