Garbage just released a music video and our ’90s brains are exploding

Yes, you read that headline correctly. We have indeed been graced with a song from the legendary alternative rock band, Garbage. You can stop pinching yourself now!

In honor of the eighth annual Record Store Day, Garbage released a music video for their latest endeavor, “The Chemicals.” FYI, Record Store Day (which is April 18, BTW) is an annual event that gives a nod to independent music vendors around the world. Aside from its support of independent brick-and-mortars, Record Store Day is also a great opportunity for artists to release original music outside the confines of a large record label. Garbage’s lead singer Shirley Manson expressed her support for the day in an interview with Mashable,

True to Record Store Day principles, Garbage is releasing “The Chemicals” on a two-track 10″ vinyl off of their own label, STUNVOLUME.

The track also features vocals from Silversun Pickups frontman, Brian Aubert, whose voice seamlessly blends with Shirley Manson’s throughout the track. Seriously, the sounds of their voices are nearly indecipherable. Even Shirley Manson agrees! She told Mashable, “When you listen to ‘The Chemcials’ you can’t really tell who’s singing what part — because I’m female you’d think I was singing the top line, but actually I’m singing the lower part. So we just enjoyed playing around with that.”

Aside from Brian Aubert’s insane feature, hearing Shirley Manson’s voice makes us want to throw our hands up in the air and scream “HOLY ’90s!” Even 20 years after “Only Happy When It Rains,” Garbage still manages to send chills up and down our spines.

The video for “The Chemicals” was shot inside of a tiny club in London, and director Sophie Muller hoped to recapture the energy of old punk clubs she and Shirley used to frequent back in the day. Shirley added, “It’s very evocative — that’s what I love about it. It just seems to go with all the lyrics really well. We just got really lucky.”

“The Chemicals,” along with another track called “On Fire” is set to be released on Record Store Day. Until then, you can bask in all its spine tingling glory, below:

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