This woman turned her garage door into the coolest Halloween monster decoration, and it’s a perfect DIY!

From creative costumes to decorations, we LOVE prepping for Halloween here at HelloGiggles. So when we saw this spooky garage door on Facebook, we totally flipped.

According to ABC, Amanda Destro Pierson, who is, fittingly, a product designer at a craft company in Cleveland, Ohio, decked out her garage to look like a scary big-toothed monster. The result—called the Monster House—is totally awesome:

The video has since been viewed over 19 million times. Maybe the fact that she literally designs crafts as a living is why it’s so darn good.

While it probably wouldn’t be too hard to DIY from scratch (just make some patterns and cut them out of foam board!), you can also just wait till next year—it seems that Amanda has already had a meeting with her bosses about producing Monster House kits to sell in stores. You can sign up for more info here.

If you’re too excited to wait 12 long months for next Halloween (we don’t blame you!), here are some other awesome DIY projects to tackle before the holiday.

These paper, wire, and cheesecloth ghouls are strangely, terrifyingly beautiful.

Harry Potter fans are going to freak out over this DIY Dementor.

Turn your house into a zombie graveyard with these totally life-like hands.

And these heads in jars will totally freak you out.

If you’re looking for a smaller-scale project, try these spooky bleeding eyeball candles.

Or for something a bit more mystical, this glowy crystal ball is pretty and mysterious.

If you’re not into the whole creepy-crawly thing, you’ll love these cuddly fabric pumpkins.

And this raven under a cloche is totally classy.

Finally, here are some no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas with lace and glitter (because knives kinda scare us).

All these awesome decorations have us counting down till October 31. Is it Halloween yet?!


We’ll keep dancing just in case!

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