These Gap perfumes from the ’90s are now worth bank

It’s perhaps not new news that eBay is filled with Gap’s discontinued scents — and people are willing to fork over two to three times what they originally paid for a bottle of Gap Dream. Would you have paid $75 for this in the ’90s?

Gap Heaven is also a popular item on eBay, and you can generally find bottles in the $30-$40 range, but specialty packaging can fetch higher prices, like this travel kit, going for nearly $80.

But, wait. Once we started digging farther on eBay, we found something very peculiar and shocking. Gap Om is selling at a crazy-high price point! Like this never-before-opened bottle asking $174.99:

And things get even more ridiculous from there. This run-down “new in box” perfume will cost you $210.

It turns out, Gap Grass is also significantly more expensive than Dream and Heaven. This bottle isn’t even full and the seller is asking $183.77.

And this Grass gift set? It can be yours for $199.99.

Insanity! But, hey, if you’re desperate to smell like the ’90s, at least you know the option’s out there.

(Images via eBay)