A pivotal “Game of Thrones” villain will return for Season 7 and now we’re worried

As Game of Thrones continues filming overseas, we’re getting crazy excited about what lies in store for the highly anticipated season next year. And while most of the news out of Westeros so far has been VERY intriguing, we’re a little worried about the latest Game of Thrones cast sighting for Season 7.

Be warned, however, if you want to go into Season 7 as knowledge-less as Jon Snow stop here!

Okay. So the latest Game of Thrones cast member spotting, which was first picked up by the always reliable Watchers on the Wall, shows the return of a pivotal villain…

Randyll Tarly, aka Sam’s jerk dad.


The salty Tarly family patriarch, played by talented British actor James Faulkner, made a very strong (and scary) impression with his one and only episode appearance in Season 6’s “Blood of My Blood.”

And while Randyll’s return has not officially been confirmed by HBO yet, according to Watchers on the Wall, Faulkner has been spotted all around Cáceres, Spain, which all but confirms his return for next year because this is where Thrones is CURRENTLY filming.

Here he is just posing with a horse like, “Have you seen my son, Samwell Tarly?!”

And here he is actually RIDING a horse in Spain!

Oh…and now he’s just moving on to ~zebras~ because WHY NOT!?

The idea of Randyll returning for Season 7 has us worried for Samwell, Gilly, and little Sam, though! Because, if you recall, things did not end so ~positively~ between Sam and his dad. Like, Sam literally stole the family heirloom/sword Heartsbane and took off in the middle of the night for Oldtown’s Citadel, so…

But we are loving James’ hilariously candid photos from Spain. Perhaps his Game of Thrones alter ego Randyll Tarly could take a hint and lighten up, too? DOUBTFUL.

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