What if the characters from ‘Game of Thrones’ used emojis?

One of our favorite characters on HBO’s Game of Thrones is Margaery Tyrell, who joined the main cast in season two and has been a delightful fixture of the show since. A big sis figure to Sansa and a master of shade, she’s had three fiancés and one husband in King Tommen, and has emerged as one of the most powerful women in Westeros. Naturally, she’d be an amazing texter.

Entertainment Weekly’s “Game of Phones” imagines the GoT characters as savvy “iRaven” users, and for last week’s episode, the texts were “written” from Margaery’s perspective. Besides her amazing message inbox (the ones from Loras and Lady Olenna are so perfectly in character), her chats with Tommen and Cersei get perfectly translated into texts — and yes, there are plenty of emojis involved.

The Queen and King of Westeros swap winky faces, while Margaery straight up trolls Cersei with the most passive aggressive display of concern since… well, Cersei herself. The Queen Mother’s (soon to be Queen Grandmother; so good) texting style is as curt as ever, and Margaery gleefully unloads a slew of celebratory emojis on the ever-scowling former Queen. Even wine won’t make this better.

There’s really nothing quite like watching an uncomfortable conversation unfold in front of your eyes. Though we’re here for the show itself, this just goes to show that the text-only iteration would still be completely entertaining. (And, would help us with some of those tricky spellings.)

(Image via EW)

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