This “Game of Thrones” star totally wants this relationship to happen, too

If you are totally shipping Dany and Yara on Game of Thrones, you’re not the only one. Not only has Emilia Clarke revealed she is so down for this romance to materialize, but Gemma Whelan also recently expressed her allegiance to the fictional couple.

Whelan told Digital Spy, “I didn’t expect to meet Daenerys, blimey. I knew my story was going to get more traction in later series, but I didn’t quite know I’d be surrounded by dragons in season six.” 

She added, “I didn’t even know what shipping means. It’s been all over my Twitter – ‘I ship these two’ – and I’ve been asked about it at conventions too – ‘Who would you ship?’ – and I have no idea what they mean. But if it’s a positive thing then yeah, sure, let’s ship!”


But that’s not all. Whelan has some big plans for Yara and Dany, and they’re straight out of a fairy tale.

“I think she and Daenerys should sail off into the sunset with the Seven Kingdoms holding hands. I think that’s probably about right. Tyrion can stay there, Theon’s got to be there — he can be my hand!”

Hey, Daario IS out of the equation now. We know Dany wants to marry for political reasons, but Yara WILL be the queen of the Iron Islands — what better partnership is that?