The “Game of Thrones” Season 6 blooper reel is here, and FYI Jon Snow wasn’t actually naked (boo!)

**Funny spoilers ahead**

While we eagerly await the DELAYED Season 7 return of Game of Thrones (uuuughhhh), there are plenty of ~wild~ theories to keep us busy until then. And when you get bored (or run out of) fan theories, there’s always a few funny things to keep us occupied, too.

And thanks to the many-faced gods at HBO, we now have the hilarious Season 6 blooper reel to keep us occupied…for a few minutes, anyway.

First, and most importantly, we now know that Jon Snow was not entirely naked under that loincloth (sigh).

Also, the Hound, as it turns out, is really not so good with an axe.

And Khaleesi’s Dothraki could use a bit of polishing up.


Also, you’ll just have to watch the video for yourself, but WHO KNEW Peter Dinklage has a real problem with the word “benevolent” (belevolent? benelovent?)?!

Sigh. Summer of 2017 seems even further away now, but at least we have THIS BEAUTIFUL IMAGE to keep us happy until then.

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