This is what it would look like if Tim Burton animated “Game of Thrones”


On its own, Game of Thrones is a pretty gloomy show (which is putting it lightly, especially if you watched last season’s finale). Yet, we just realized that it is possible for the series to get even grimmer. How, you ask? Well, all we’d have to do is let Tim Burton work his macabre magic while he turns GoT into an animator’s dream (or, ya know, nightmare).

Published Obsev, illustrator Xenia Rassolova took Game of Thrones and gave it a classic Tim Burton twist. Margaery’s limbs become lankier, Daenerys’ hair develops a certain curl, and the Lannisters’ eyes begin to bulge out of their sockets. And don’t even get us started on the animals, who are basically all fangs, fangs, and more fangs. Take a look for yourself…

The entire cast surrounding the Iron Throne:


Danerys Targaryen and her dragons:


A bleeding Jon Snow and Ghost:


Margaery Tyrell and the symbol of her house:


The Lannisters:


Sansa Stark:


Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven:


Samwell Tarly:


To see what Tyrion Lannister and a White Walker would look like if Tim burton got his hands on them, head over to Obsev. Otherwise, you should definitely take a moment to imagine how the entire Game of Thrones world would look as an animated series. It’s pretty great.

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