This “Game of Thrones” job recruitment center will fulfill your Westerosi dreams

These days, holding down a job can be very hard if you’re a citizen of the Seven Kingdoms. What with all the assassination attempts, death-by-wights, and general lack of safety…

But, thanks to this (unofficial) Game of Thrones job recruitment website called Westeros Recruitment, you can now apply for a position as “Apprentice at the House of Black & White” or even “King of the North” to name a few!


The spoof site is pretty clever, but also sadly reminds us of all kinds of favorite characters we’ve lost along the way.

For example, “Personal Assistant to Bran Stark.”


The job description includes things like, “skipping leg day at the gym is not an option.” And the main responsibilities are fairly easy (sorta)…


You can scroll around and see what other “job options” there are.

Because some of these jobs pay PRETTTTTY well.

And what happens when you actually “apply” to a job?

Ready and waiting for my interview…

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