“Game of Thrones” actress just left a big door open on one fascinating theory about twins

Last year, rumors starting swirling about a new Game of Thrones theory that was going to change everything. The Thrones theory was about Jon Snow and his parentage… but with one very special twist. The speculation was that not only were Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark Jon’s parents, but they were also the parents of Meera Reed, Jon Snow’s secret twin sister.

Wait, but wasn’t that disproved?

When we (finally!) saw the long-awaited Tower of Joy scene earlier this year, we figured this theory was debunked. We saw Jon’s birth, after all, and there was no sign of a second baby there.

But now one GOT actress is saying that twins theory might not be out of the running just yet. See what Ellie Kendrick — AKA Meera Reed herself — had to say.

Game of Thrones always surprises us," Ellie told The Huffington Post. "I’m always surprised! I never have any idea of what’s going to happen next. I never rule anything out."

Check out her careful wording about the Tower of Joy scene specifically.

"It seems quite conclusive in terms of Jon’s parentage. I don’t know. We’ve still never really seen where Jojen and Meera [Reed] have come from. We know a little tiny bit about her father. We don’t know anything about her mother, really. So yeah, I’m excited to find out who her parents are and what the situation is."

Ready to buy back into this Jon Snow theory? Or do you think the Tower of Joy scene was as conclusive as Ellie says it seemed?

We can’t speak for anyone else, but over here at HelloGiggles, we’re putting our tinfoil hats right back on.

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