This “Game of Thrones” star just shared her most embarrassing moment, and it involves “a farty horse”

Game of Thrones might be best known for moody drama and intense violence, but the show definitely has its share of laughs, on and off screen. Last night, actress Gemma Whelan, who plays kick-ass seafaring Yara Greyjoy on the HBO fantasy-drama series, revealed her most embarrassing moments on The Graham Norton Show. Amazingly, both moments are about the exact same scene, and we get where the awkward comes in.

Whelan did have an…um…memorable introduction scene.

If you recall allllllll the way back to season two, we met Yara as she shared a horse…and a little incest…with her brother Theon, before he realized she was his sister.

"We did have a scene where it was a very, very farty horse. It wouldn't go, whatever the technical term for making a horse [move] is. With a kick it wouldn't go," she says to Graham and Morgan Freeman. 

Since Whelan is a professional comedian, the telling of story is pretty hilarious. Her badass character on GOT is courageous and headstrong, with a cynical and sharp sense of humor. As a result, the prideful Yara riding a farting horse seems even more hilarious since we know the seriousness of the character. Moreover, what makes it even more embarrassing, is that it occurs during a seduction scene that Yara had with her brother, Theon.

But that wasn’t the only embarrassing moment Whelan had with that scene.

In the actual filming, a gassy horse was involved; however, in the audition, Gemma had to act out the seduction all on her own.

Apparently in the original version of the scene, it’s Yara who initiates the sexual contact between the siblings, and Whelan got to act the whole thing out on a chair with a cameraman giving helpful advice.

Yeah. Awkward.

Check out the hilarious (and slightly NSFW) full story in the video:

As Whelan concludes, “I got the job!” Clearly, all of that gas, work, and brotherly love really paid off, as she has been one of our favorite reoccurring characters since Season 2.

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