These “Game of Thrones” body doubles look amazing and are living the dream

Looking like one of the beautiful inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms on Game of Thrones must be hard right? JK, it’s gotta be pretty awesome. And it looks like these body doubles are living it up, and loving being on set.

Here is Daenerys’ CRAZILY good lookalike, Rosie Mac, an aspiring model and actress who made us do a total double-take!

And here is Daario’s double, Ignacio Blanco.

They’re total buds IRL (not unlike their characters)…

…and here is their ENTIRE squad. ? 

Hizdahr zo Loraq, Daario, Khaleesi, Missandei, and even Tyron just CHILLLLIN’, with Dany, er, Rosie commenting, “Amazing Memories & Amazing Friends especially my right hand man.”

They even hang out when they’re off set (’cause that’s what best buds do)!

AWWW. But it’s not just the dopplegangers in Meereen buddying up…

Check out this super double-double whammy of Brienne and the Hound!

Damn. Not only do these people get to dress up and play Game of Thrones for real, but they’re clearly having an amazing time doing it. Talk about GOALS.

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