The trailer for Netflix’s “Die Hard” spoof is here, and it stars the “Workaholics” guys

If you’re a fan of Workaholics, get ready. A new Netflix original from the Workaholics guys, Game Over, Man!, is coming soon, and it looks hilarious. It’s an action-comedy starring Anders Holm, Adam Devine, and Blake Anderson. (If you’re not a Workaholics fan, yes, Devine *is* the guy from Pitch Perfect.)

The official synopsis for Game Over, Man! is…

"During a star-studded Los Angeles party, three zeroes become heroes (sort of) when the hotel they work at is taken hostage by bad guys."

What we learn from the trailer, though, is that the guys are actually called to action because Shaggy — of “It Wasn’t Me” fame — is one of the hostages. They love Shaggy, and they have to save him, obviously. We get it, ’cause we all have celebs for whom we would gladly face a slew of bad guys in order to protect, right? And there’s enough bad news in the world, y’know? Sometimes you just need a cheerful tweet from your favorite celeb to keep your world turning. And if they’re taken, well, what else are you going to do?!

Game Over, Man! is also a bit of a Die Hard spoof, so there are just way too many things to be excited about here.

Check out the trailer below, and ask yourself — “What would Bruce Willis think of this?” (For the record, we think Willis would be amused.)

Game Over, Man! drops on Netflix on March 23rd, so we still have a long time to wait. But we’re pretty content to rewatch the trailer over and over again in the meantime!

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