Fans noticed a water bottle in the Game of Thrones finale, and there’s a Twitter storm of ice and fire

Warning: Spoilers for the series finale of Game of Thrones ahead.

You must be joking. Coffee cup-gate 2.0 hit King’s Landing in the series finale of Game of Thrones on May 19th. But this time, a water bottle made a surprise cameo behind Samwell Tarly’s foot during the meeting of the minds post-Dany’s assassination. As if we weren’t exhausted enough by this season.

No matter how you’re feeling after watching the finale of the show (that we blame our anxiety on), most people agree that this entire last season felt a bit rushed. The blatant presence of the coffee cup back in Episode 4 was the physical evidence we needed to prove the point. And now a water bottle pops up in the series finale?

And to make matters worse, there were actually two water bottles hidden in plain sight within this scene. We’re…sigh.

Listen, we get that it was probably hot AF on location in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where the cast and crew filmed this scene. And we totally get that hydrated actors are pertinent to the show’s success (those heavy costumes don’t help matters either).

However, we must wonder, just as we did with the coffee cup scandal: How many eyes watched this scene play out before it got to air? And how many people were actually on set, yet didn’t think to remove the water bottles from the scene before the camera rolled?

It’s all become too much for us to bear. Thankfully, it’s finally over.



At this point, we can only hope the thing was left there on purpose.

We’re tired and emotionally tapped out. Let the Game of Thrones creators have their water bottles. We don’t think we can handle another Twitter storm of ice and fire (and beverages).

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