These “Game of Thrones” Valentines are sure to melt your cold, White Walker heart

Are you looking for something to melt your cold, White Walker heart? Just in time for Valentines Day, HBO has rolled out some pretty perfect Game of Thrones valentines for you, and whoever has pierced your heart with ice and turned you into a White Walker in the first place! Ah, true love.

These Valentines not only combine two of our favorite things — Game of Thrones and puns — but also feature some pretty great Game of Thrones merchandise, too. Were you aware that you could actually buy a set of mugs featuring Brienne and Tormund? Not only that, but these mugs say, “You’re my Brienne,” and “You’re my Tormund” and also have images of these two crazy love-birds during that truly ~iconic~ Game of Thrones scene.



So perfect.

All of these valentines actually feature some great Game of Thrones swag you can get your hands on. So basically, these cards work as a twofer: You can use them to send them to your bae, and also politely suggest to your bae what you want them to buy you. HINT HINT, this Dany and Drogon figure.



Smile because Jon Snow and Ygritte are meant to be together, and then cry because Olly killed her, and then smile again because Jon killed Olly! Hooray!


You might melt my heart, but also you’re the one who turned it cold in the first place.


Just be sure that whoever you’re sending these to, they *also* watch Game of Thrones, because otherwise things might get a little awkward. So like, it’s cute that Oberyn Martell has eyes for you but also…………[whispers] he doesn’t have eyes anymore.


Share these valentines with everyone on your VDay list, and snag all sorts of Game of Thrones merch that will make your heart a-flutter over at the HBO Shop.