Did this scene in last night’s “Game of Thrones” just confirm a long-believed fan theory?

Jon Snow is alive, but that’s only one of the big OMG moments from last night’s Game of Thrones episode, “Home.” The other one has to do with Tyrion’s dance with a few dragons. Spoilers ahead if you didn’t watch Sunday’s episodes, but tbh, there is no valid excuse as to why you missed the episode in the first place.

With Daenerys MIA from Meereen, the city has been left in the care of Tyrion (and Varys and Missandei and Grey Worm, and that should be a GoT spinoff right there). Tyrion decides to visit the dragons Dany left behind — Viserion and Rhaegal — because they’re not eating and he wants to try to help them. Tyrion rambles on about how dragons don’t do well in captivity, and Missandei asks how he knows this, and then he utters the line of the episode, “I drink and I know things.” But there’s a lot more here than just Tyrion having a lot of knowledge about dragons.

Like with mostly everything else Game of Thrones, there’s a long-rumored theory about Tyrion’s true parentage, one that suggests that he is not the son of Tywin and his cousin Joanna. Instead, he’s the son of Joanna and… Aerys Targaryen, aka the Mad King, aka Dany’s dad. If this is true, that would make Tyrion Dany’s half brother and also — ~possibly~, if this other GoT parentage theory comes true — Jon Snow’s uncle.

Take a deep breath, that’s a lot to wrap your head around. But the evidence to support this is slowly stacking up, especially when it comes to the events of “Home.” Not many people can say they’ve come face to face with a dragon and lived to tell the tale, but now Tyrion can make that claim. It might not be just because he got very lucky and the dragons knew he was there to help them, but because he’s one of the prophesied “heads of the dragon” who will one day ride Dany’s dragons. There are three heads, and three main suspects for these positions: Dany, Jon Snow, and Tyrion. It’s these three because while one of them is 100 percent Targaryen the others just might be ~secret~ Targaryens. All three related with Targaryen blood.


There are other little snippets of evidence to support this theory, like the fact that Tyrion’s appearance matches more with a Targaryen than a Lannister. In the book he’s described as having, “One green eye and one black one peered out from under a lank of hair so blonde it seemed white.” And if you can remember a few seasons back, before Tyrion killed his father Tywin, the two did not get a long — maybe because Tyrion was not in fact his son.

Now that the show has jumped ahead of the books for the remainder of their seasons, it’s going to be interesting to see where this story goes. Will Tyrion turn out to be a Targaryen, too? And how many secret Targaryens are TOO MANY? (Answer: there are never enough secret Targaryens)

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