Tommen from Game of Thrones just shared the craziest theory about the White Walkers we’ve ever heard

Meet a fellow Game of Thrones fan and within five seconds theories will be shared. It’s just the way it goes with a show that’s been as hush hush as Game of Thrones. So imagine our surprise when a former Game of Thrones actor just shared his own personal theory about the show. And, even more shocking, it’s a theory we’ve never heard before!

Tommen, aka Dean-Charles Chapman shared a Game of Thrones theory with Popsugar recently. We must say, we are intrigued. After all, until this recent season’s surprising White Walkers reveal, those frozen creatures have been a bit of a mystery. And if anyone has a right to be taken seriously, it’s Tommen, the poor kid.

So what is Dean-Charles Chapman’s wild Game of Thrones theory?

"The craziest theory is that the White Walkers are really good. They're really good guys. The whole thing is, the whole show you think the White Walkers are these zombies that are going to kill everyone, but really, the White Walkers are trying to stop all the politicians, and tell them to leave. They're the good guys, trying to change the world, and it's going to be this big plot twist. It was the weirdest thing."


Whoa. Well that’s different. While it’s not Dean-Charles Chapman’s own theory, it’s one he has heard, and likes. It would definitely surprise us all!

Of course, Dean-Charles Chapman, like the rest of us, has no idea what will happen next on the show. And Game of Thrones season 7 will not premiere until summer 2017. So, until then, we’ll have to make due with swapping theories, rewatching old seasons, and dreaming up totally unrealistic happy endings for all of our faves.

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